Viewing Attributed & Assisted Installs

Attribution methods are based on the last-click model for advertisers using Attribution Analytics. Partners who generate the last click before an install are attributed with the install, and other partners in the conversion funnel are credited with an assist.

Install assists and attributions only appear for you if they’re within the defined attribution window. These stats then appear as one of the following:

  • Installs: Attributed installs where you had the last click
  • Install Assists: Install where you had a click, but another partner had the last click
  • Install Contributions: Number of installs in which you were involved (Installs + Install Assists)

This article is part of our Partner Center Basics series.

Where to Go

You can find install stats in the TUNE Partner Center as part of an advertiser overview report. Installs are one of the metrics selected by default in this report, and also appear in the summary card above the table.

The summary card also includes totals for other useful stats like:

  • Events: Post-install events (not including opens or updates)
  • Unique Clicks: Number of unique clicks recorded (see Clicks vs. Unique Clicks)
  • Assist Rate: % of unique clicks that are install assists
  • Contribution Rate: % of unique clicks that are install contributions
  • Conversion Rate: % of unique clicks that are installs

Install Attribution Example

For some, an example can be helpful to illustrate the difference between installs, install assists, and install contributions. Consider a user who clicks through the ads of multiple partners before installing an app.

  • Partner 1 receives a click 8 days ago and their attribution window is 7 days.
  • Partner 2 receives a click 5 days ago and their attribution window is 14 days.
  • Partner 3 receives a click 1 day ago and their attribution window is 7 days.
  • The user installs the app today.

Partner 1 is credited with neither an install nor an install assist because the user’s click was outside of their attribution window. Partner 2 is credited with an install assist because they were in the conversion funnel, but not the last click. Partner 3 is credited with the install because they received the last click, and it was within their attribution window.

Partner Installs Install Assists Install Contributions
Partner 1 0 0 0
Partner 2 0 1 1
Partner 3 1 0 1

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