Creating a Measurement URL Template

When you frequently need to provide the same set of values to your advertisers in a measurement URL, you can create a measurement URL template. Your advertisers can then select one of these templates when setting up a campaign.

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Creating a Template

Measurement URLs are partner- and campaign-specific. Macros and parameters in your template are appended to any measurement URLs generated by your advertisers, as long as you are the selected partner. This ensures that your parameters are never overlooked or neglected by advertisers.

To create a measurement URL template, go to Templates > Measurement URL > Create:

In the form that appears, fill out the field for the Measurement Template Name. Then, select a Platform from the dropdown menu. In the Measurement Template URL field, enter any parameters your advertiser wants values for and insert the corresponding macros from your tracking system as values for those parameters.

Before you submit, your form should look something like this:

Now your advertisers see this information when they create measurement URLs in Attribution Analytics:


Additional Resources

You can find the full list of parameters allowed in measurement URLs in the Attribution Analytics article on Effective Measurement URLs.

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