Background & Setup

Becoming familiar with TUNE Partner Center can take some time. Here, we’ve put together a few articles to get you going as quickly as possible.

Integration Management

New to the platform?
Take a tour to see what tools are available to you.
➢ Tour of TUNE Partner Center

Advertisers use Attribution Analytics
Learn about our advertiser product and how you connect as a partner.
➢ Working with AA Clients / Advertisers

URLs & Templates

Do you know how parameters and macros work?
See where to use them and how they interact with each other.
Understanding Measurement URLs & Postback URLs

Campaign readiness
Put together templates to reduce campaign setup time with your advertiser.
Creating a Measurement URL Template

Preparing your postbacks
Let your advertiser easily configure conversion notifications for installs and post-install events.
➢ Creating a Postback URL Template


Multiple installs on one device
Test installs and post-install events without the need for multiple devices.
➢ Creating a Test Profile

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