Working with Agencies in Attribution Analytics

Agencies perform media buys on your behalf, and Attribution Analytics provides the functionality for you and your agencies to measure agency-specific campaign performance in Attribution Analytics reporting. Attribution Analytics supports two types of agencies:

  • Full access agency
  • Limited agency

In Attribution Analytics, you can manage, measure, and optimize the performance of your mobile campaigns across all types of advertising relationships: with partners and publishers directly, through integrated partners and ad networks, by full access agencies, and by limited agencies.

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Types of Agencies

Just as you might work with multiple partners and publishers, agencies can work with multiple partners and publishers. However, there are some other differences that you should be aware of.

Full Access Agencies

A full access agency is an agency that manages your entire ad spend. A full access agency is also commonly known as an Agency of Record (AOR). In Attribution Analytics, this type of agency essentially functions as an advertiser. They have access to all of the mobile apps and partners that you manage and can use the Attribution Analytics platform the same way as you do.

A full access agency handles all of the relationships and ad inventory with partners on your behalf. You view the agency as a partner who promotes your mobile campaigns.

Limited Agencies

A limited agency is an agency that manages a portion of your ad spend. You might work with multiple limited agencies, and you can grant permissions for the specific mobile apps and partners they manage on your behalf.

A limited agency functions like a partner who promotes your mobile campaigns by using the Attribution Analytics and TUNE Partner Center platforms.

Adding an Agency

Before adding an agency in Attribution Analytics, we expect you to have first reached an agreement with them to do so. To distinguish between your direct attributions (installs and other conversions) and those driven by agencies, you’ll need to generate TUNE links that include an agency-related parameter (like agency_id).

To add a new agency in Attribution Analytics:

  1. From the main navigation, go to Browse Agencies.
  2. Find the agency you want to add.
  3. Click Enable in the “Action” column of the table.

After adding an agency, you can specify the particular mobile apps and partners to which they’ll have access (as described in Managing Your Agencies).

Removing an Agency

To remove an agency in Attribution Analytics:

  1. From the main navigation, go to Agencies.
  2. Find the agency you want to remove.
  3. Click Disable in the “Action” column of the table

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