Setting up an Integrated Advertising Partner

Integrated advertising partners are partners who have already given us the information they require to ensure you can work with them seamlessly. If you have a partnership with one of our integrated advertising partners, setting them up in your Attribution Analytics account is a quick process that only requires three steps.

Note: Advertising partners may have other requirements outside of Attribution Analytics you also need to fulfill.

This article is part of our Product Basics series.

Step 1: Enable the Integration

  1. In Attribution Analytics, select Integrated Partners from the main navigation menu.
  2. On the page that appears, use the search box to find your advertising partner.
    • If your partner is not listed as an integrated partner at this time, you can add them as an internal partner or they can email [email protected] to become an integrated advertising partner.
  3. After finding your partner, click the Enable button for that partner in the table.
    Enable Partner

Step 2: Create a TUNE Link

After enabling the integrated partner in Attribution Analytics, you’ll need to provide them with a TUNE link to publish for the ad. To do so, first go to the partner’s page from the main navigation (Partners) and follow the steps in Creating a TUNE Link.

Once you’ve created a TUNE link, you can send it to your partner. To learn more about TUNE links, read our article on Effective TUNE Links.

Step 3: Add a Postback URL

Now you can configure postback URLs for your partner to share event attribution data with them.

Integrated Partners with Universal Postback Templates

  1. On the integrated partner page, click the Postbacks tab.
  2. Select a category to show the available event types and the partner’s postback templates.
    • Generic
    • Authentication & Sign-ups
    • eCommerce
    • In-game
    • Usage, Rating and Sharing
  3. Enable the postback by toggling the button next to the event type to “On”:

    • A warning can indicate one or more missing credential values needed to validate your account with the partner. If necessary, enter the required account validation information requested by your partner in the Credentials tab. Then select the Postbacks tab and toggle the button back to “On” for the appropriate event type.

Integrated Partners without Universal Postback Templates

  1. On the integrated partner page, click the Postbacks tab and click the Add Postback URL button.
  2. On the Add Postback URL page, provide the new postback with a name.
  3. In the Advertising Partner Postback Template section:
    1. Select your app’s Platform.
    2. Select the appropriate postback template for the events available on that platform.
    3. Provide any additional information required.
  4. In the Postback Requirements section:
    1. Select the Mobile App for which a postback will be fired to notify the partner when the corresponding event occurs.
    2. From the Event drop-down list, verify that the corresponding event is selected.
      • Note: If the postback URL is not for the install event (if you selected a non-install event from the Event drop-down list, such as a purchase event), you will be given the option to Only trigger postback if re-engagement.
        • Checked box: Attribution Analytics attributes the event to the last advertising partner to interact with the user.
        • Unchecked box: Attribution Analytics attributes the event to the advertising partner that was responsible for generating the original install by the user.
  5. Click Save once you’re finished.

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