Setting up an Integrated 3rd Party Technology Partner

You may be working with one of our third-party technology partners to provide additional insight into your users’ in-app activity post-conversion. Integrated technology partners have already provided us with all of the relevant information that they require to ensure everything works seamlessly.

Note: Technology partners differ from advertising partners, who drive traffic and use TUNE links you create.

Step 1: Enable the Integrated Technology Partner

  1. In Attribution Analytics, go to Integrated Partners from the main navigation
  2. On the Integrated Partners page, search for your technology partner.
  3. After locating your partner, click the Enable button in the “Action” column:tech_partner1

Note: Technology partners may have other requirements outside of Attribution Analytics you also need to fulfill before continuing setup.

Step 2: Add a Postback URL

Integrated Partners with Universal Postback Templates

  1. On the integrated partner’s page, select the Postbacks tab.
  2. Select a category to show available event types and the partner’s postback templates for it:
    • Generic
    • Authentication & Sign-ups
    • eCommerce
    • In-game
    • Usage, Rating, and Sharing
  3. Enable the postback by toggling the event type to “On”.
    • Note: An orange warning triangle indicates insufficient credentials for account validation with the partner. Click the Credentials tab and enter the required account validation information requested by your partner. Once you’ve saved the credentials, you can toggle the event type to “On”.



Integrated Partners without Universal Postback Templates

  1. On the integrated partner’s page, select the Postbacks tab and click Add Postback URL.
  2. On the Add Postback URL page, provide the new postback with a name.
  3. In the Advertising Partner Postback Template section:
    1. Select your app’s Platform.
    2. Select the appropriate postback template for the events available on that platform.
    3. Provide any additional information required.setup_integrated5.png
  4. In the Postback Requirements section:
    1. Select the Mobile App for which a postback will be fired to notify the partner when the corresponding event occurs.
    2. Next to Partner, uncheck the box for Only send data attributed to partner.
    3. From the Event dropdown menu, verify that the corresponding event is selected.
    4. Click Save.


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