Saving, Scheduling & Exporting Your Reports

Saving and/or Scheduling a Report

After generating a report, you can save it (on the Attribution Analytics servers) for later access. When you save a report, only those selections made during report generation are saved.

  1. On any Reporting page, in the top right, click Save as.
  2. In the Save as slide out drawer provide the following information:
    1. Report Name
    2. Rolling Date Range
      1. Yesterday
      2. Last 7 days
      3. Previous Week
      4. Month to Date
      5. Last 30 days
      6. Last Month
    3. Share Report –  Allow users in your organization to see a view-only version of this report in their ‘My Reports’ list.
    4. Scheduled Export – Receive report data in a CSV file via email.
      1. Deliver
        1. Daily
        2. Weekly
      2. Send To 
  3. Click Save as New.


Viewing Your Saved and or Scheduled Reports

  1. To access a saved/scheduled report, in the navigation (on the left side), under the Reporting section, click My Reports.
  2. On the My Reports page, click the saved report that you want to view.


Exporting a Report

After selecting your report parameters and generating the report that you want, you can export the report to a comma-separated value (CSV) file for further processing (such as importing the Attribution Analytics data into your own database or reporting system).

  1. On any Reporting page, in the top right, click Export.
  2. In the Exports slide out drawer, click Download once your report has been generated as shown in the following screenshot.export_report

Note: You can access your exported reports at any time via the export_tray in the global navigation header.

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