Pinterest Integration

Pinterest is a visual discovery and planning tool. People (“Pinners”) use the site and apps to get ideas for their future, such as recipes, places to travel, and products to buy, and save the things they love to their own boards. Pinners also follow the boards of others who they find interesting.

This document outlines how advertisers on the Attribution Analytics platform can advertise with Pinterest and set up third party conversion tracking.

This article is part of our Common Integrations series.

Enable the Advertising Partner Integration

  1. Log in to Attribution Analytics.
  2. In the navigation (on the left side), under the Partners section, click Integrated Partners.
  3. Search for Pinterest.
  4. Click Enable on the far right.
  5. In the Enable Partner: Pinterest modal, leave the Install postback off (gray) and click Done.


Creating a TUNE Link

After adding Pinterest to your Attribution Analytics account, you’ll need to provide them with a TUNE link to publish for the ad.

To generate a TUNE link, follow the steps in Creating a TUNE Link. Once that’s done, you can copy and send the link to your partner. To learn more about TUNE links, read our article on Effective TUNE Links.

Adding a Postback URL to send all installs (including organic and attributed to other partners)

If you want to send Pinterest postbacks for all installs—including organic installs and those installs TUNE attributes to other advertising partners—you can set up a custom postback to do so.

  1. On the integrated partner page, click the Postbacks tab and click the Custom button.
  2. Click the Add Postback URL button.
  3. Select the platform, template, and mobile app from the dropdown options.
  4. Select “Send all install events and click Save.

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