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Product Update December 2016

Own the competitive advantage with new keyword suggestions With millions of apps to choose from in the app stores, it’s hard for marketers to reach consumers. Using — and testing — the right keywords is a critical part of app store optimization (ASO) and increasing your app’s discoverability. TUNE’s App Store Analytics has been [...]

Product Update September 2016

New SDK v4.8 will support Apple Search Ads at launch As soon as Apple turns on Apple App Store Search Ads for iOS 10 in late-September, 2016, if you have the most recent TMC SDK v4.8 (available here), you’ll be able to attribute installs and purchases from your Apple Search Ads campaigns in the [...]

Product Update August 2016

TUNE Business Intelligence Traffic Quality Scorecard Helps Increase ROI, Fights “Fraud” When it comes to the hot topic of traffic quality, TUNE plays a critical role in facilitating transparency between you and your ad partners. The powerful new Business Intelligence Traffic Quality Scorecard allows you to evaluate your partners' traffic quality using a combination [...]

Product Update July 2016

App Store Analytics' New and Improved Dashboard A new and improved dashboard — the entry point to App Store Analytics — now offers much faster page load times (up to 8.5x faster) and easier navigation to your apps, especially if you’re tracking several of them. INCREASE APP DISCOVERABILITY App Store Analytics A/B Testing Now Shows Winners [...]

Product Update June 2016

Offline Analysis Becomes Easier with New Export Builder Doing offline analysis on your app store keywords just got easier. You can now use the new Export Builder in App Store Analytics to export data immediately — instead of waiting for TUNE to pull reporting and email it to you — while gaining flexibility in [...]

Improve User Engagement | Enable Your Agency

  Optimize User Engagement with New Features in In-App Marketing Improve engagement with your users by delivering the right amount of marketing at the right time. Frequency capping for push notifications limits the number of times a user will receive a specific notification at a campaign level, or any notification at a global level, within [...]

Reach the Right Audience with New Audiences Feature

New Audiences Feature | One Measurement URL  View Online TUNE Product Updates Reach the Right Audience with New Audiences Feature Relevance is critical to effective marketing; deliver an ad to a non-prospect and you've wasted an impression or upset an already engaged user. TUNE's Audiences, now available in Attribution Analytics, allows you to create tailored segments of [...]

New Competitor Rankings Page in App Store

  New Competitor Rankings Page in App Store Analytics View Online TUNE Product Updates How Does your Competition Rank in the App Store? App Store Analytics now has a new Competitor Rankings page to help you size up your competition. This page provides you with a snapshot of how your app ranks against your competitor's apps in Top [...]

Updating Your SDK | Ad Spend Report deprecated | Audience Alpha Available to Agencies

  TUNE Product Updates Audience Alpha Now Available to Agencies TMC agency permissions have been extended to Audience. Once enabled by their advertiser, an agency has the ability to login to Audience to create, report on, and  export user segments on behalf of the advertiser they represent. There are three permission levels: "Organics," allowing advertisers to  hide organic [...]

[Product Update] Easier Integration with App Analytics on iTunes Connect

    View Online Many app marketers use App Analytics on iTunes Connect for basic reporting needs. Integrating your app with App Analytics on iTunes connect in the TUNE® Marketing Console (TMC) just got easier. When creating a measurement URL for a campaign with an ad partner in the TMC, advertisers now have the option to [...]