Google AdWords Integration

AdWords can help you reach high-quality users when they’re ready to install new apps and keep them coming back to yours. Drive app installs and engagement across Google properties while people are searching for or using other apps, browsing relevant sites, or watching videos.

To begin measuring your various channels of Google AdWords traffic, enable our Google AdWords Integration. To learn how to do so, please visit  Enabling the Google AdWords Integration.

Our integration with Google AdWords supports attribution for the following AdWords “Trackable” inventory only.

      • Display Network – Android & iOS
      • Search Network – Android only
      • Youtube – Android & iOS
      • Universal App Campaigns (UAC) – Android & iOS


    • Display Network – Android & iOS
    • Search Network – Android only

NOTE: While not part of our integration with Google AdWords, we are able to measure and attribute your AdWords “Non-Trackable” Google inventory as well.  AdWords non-trackable inventory includes mobile app install ads for iOS on the Search Network and the mobile Google Display Network (mGDN). Please see Measuring and Attributing AdWords Non-Trackable Inventory for setup instructions.

This document is intended for new Google Adwords clients only as of 05/17/2017.
If you became an AdWords client before this date, please refer to the old integration documentation found here.  Google AdWords is currently in the process of migrating all current clients to the new integration. Please contact your Google AdWords account representative for more information.

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