Facebook App Installs Reporting Integration

***TUNE is not a Facebook MMP, and Facebook no longer allows deep link measurement per their updated Terms & Conditions.***

With the Facebook Reporting Integration for App Installs, you receive aggregated data from your Facebook App Install campaigns directly in your Actuals report. This allows for a more streamlined workflow for evaluating Facebook partner data against TUNE attributed partner data in one interface.

With this integration, you can view the following aggregated data for your Facebook App Install campaigns:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Installs
  • Paid events
  • Revenue

You can also drill down into the data by reviewing performance of any particular campaign, ad set, ad, or given agency.

Important Notes

  • The Facebook SDK is not required.
    • Upon connecting to Facebook and completing OAuth, your Facebook App Install data is transmitted via Facebook’s Marketing API directly to your TUNE account. 
  • If you want to include reporting on additional in-app events via the Facebook Marketing API, one of the following is required:
    • Facebook SDK configured to measure in-app events.
    • TUNE SDK configured to measure in-app events + Postbacks to Facebook.
  • The Facebook App Install data is not measured by or attributed by TUNE.
    • TUNE cannot de-dupe this data. The installs that Facebook has attributed to themselves, TUNE has already attributed to other sources. The majority of these have been attributed to Organics, but a small percentage (commonly 3-8%) have been attributed to other paid partners. Facebook does not give TUNE visibility to see device-level data.

Required Permissions & Access Levels for OAuth

The Advertiser, Full Access Agency, Limited Access Agency, and/or PMD can perform the Facebook App Installs integration OAuth and sync, as long as said user has access to the Facebook Ad Account.

  • The user must be logged into their Facebook account in the same browser, or their credentials stored in the browser’s cookies.
  • When the user who has performed the authorization to the Facebook Ad Account no longer has access to that Facebook Ad Account, or the Facebook Ad Account no longer exists, a new user will need to go through and “re-sync” from the Facebook Partner Page. No data should be lost.

Advertiser & Full Access Agencies

If the user is from the Advertiser or Full Access Agency, the following Attribution Analytics permissions are required:

  • Partner Access – ON
    • Partners & Integrations: Create/Edit or Full
  • Agency Account Access – ON
    • Agencies: Create/Edit or Full
  • Advertiser Account Access – ON
    • Full Access

Limited Access Agencies & PMDs

If the user is from a Limited Access Agency, the following Attribution Analytics permissions are required:

  • Partner Access – CUSTOM
    • Both Facebook and Facebook App Install

NOTE: If the user is from a Facebook PMD, that PMD will need to be set up as a Limited Access Agency in your Attribution Analytics account.

Enabling Facebook

To enable Facebook:

  1. In the left-hand navigation, under Partners, click Integrated Partners.
  2. In the search box at the top left of the Partners table, search for Facebook.
  3. Click Enable in the far right.

NOTE: If you used the previous Facebook Deep Link Measurement Integration, Facebook will already be enabled.

Connecting to the Facebook Reporting Integration

Once Facebook is enabled, you need to connect your Facebook Advertiser Accounts.

  1. From the Integrated Partners table, click the Facebook logo.
  2. On the Facebook Details page in the Accounts section, click Connect to Facebook.
  3. Authorize TUNE to access your Facebook Advertiser Accounts:
    1. Click Continue as.
    2. Click OK.
  4. On the Connect Your Facebook Advertiser Accounts slide-out modal, make sure the correct accounts are selected.
  5. Click Add Accounts & Continue.


  • If you used the previous Facebook Deep Link Measurement Integration or used Multiverse to view your Facebook data, you must Re-sync Accounts.
  • If a new Facebook Ad Account is created, you must re-sync your Facebook Ad Accounts in your TUNE account.
  • You must be logged into Facebook in the same browser as your TUNE account, or store your Facebook credentials in your cookies in order to perform OAuth.

Adding Agencies

Once your accounts are added, you can connect those accounts to any agencies running Facebook App Install Campaigns on your behalf.  Doing so ensures your agency can view the Facebook App Install Data related to them.

NOTE: Regardless of whether you – the advertiser – or your agency is enabling the Facebook App Installs Reporting Integration, the agency must be added to the synced Facebook account.

To add an agency:

  1. On the Facebook Details page, in the Accounts section, click Edit.
  2. Hover over the Ad Account you want to assign an agency to and click the Pencil icon.
  3. In the Ad Account slide-out modal, select the appropriate Agency from the drop-down.
  4. Click Save.

Viewing Facebook App Installs in Actuals

Once you’ve added your Facebook Advertiser Accounts and the data has been synced (data can take up to 8 hours to appear in reporting after syncing.), you can view your Facebook App Install data in the Actuals table.


Facebook Reporting Fields Mapping

Facebook Reporting Field AA Actuals Field
Impressions Unique Impressions
Gross Impressions Gross Impressions
Unique Clicks (All) Unique Clicks
Clicks (All) Gross Clicks
Mobile App Installs Installs
Mobile App Purchases Conversion Value Revenue (USD)
Amount Spent Payouts
Mobile App Achievements Unlocked Achievement Unlocked
Mobile App Adds of Payment Info Added Payment Info
Mobile App Adds to Cart Add to Cart
Mobile App Adds to Wishlist Add to Wishlist
Mobile App Registration Registration
Mobile App Content Views Content View
Mobile App Checkouts Initiated Checkout Initiated
Mobile App Levels Completed Level Achieved
Mobile App Purchases Purchase
Mobile App Ratings Submitted Rated
Mobile App Searches Search
Mobile App Credits Spent Spent Credits
Mobile App Tutorials Completed Tutorial Complete
Other Mobile App Actions Event
Campaign Name Partner Campaign
Ad Set Name Partner Ad Group
Ad Name Partner Ad

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The Actuals graph does not include the self-reported Facebook App Install data to accurately represent true totals (i.e. TUNE de-duped data).
  • The “Facebook App Install” row represents the aggregate Facebook data from the Facebook Marketing API; including app installs and other in-app events (if configured to do so).
  • The “Facebook” row represents TUNE calculated Facebook data. This includes historical Facebook data measured via deep links as well as any future non-app install Facebook campaigns measured using TUNE mURLs.
  • Facebook attributes based on the click/impression, not the install (as TUNE does). By default their attribution window for clicks is 28 days, which means their historical data (up to 28 days) is constantly changing. Due to the time-to-install curve, we see the largest fluctuation – between data in the Facebook UI and data in the TUNE UI -happening in the last 0-2 days of the attribution window. For more information on how Facebook does attribution, click here.


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