Enabling View-Through Attribution

While Attribution Analytics measures both clicks and impressions, it only performs attribution for click-through conversions (such as Attributed Installs, Install Assists, and other attributed events) that occur within the advertiser-defined “attribution window”: the duration of time allowed to pass between click/impression and the conversion (install/event) itself. For example, if your attribution window is set to 7 days, then only the clicks and impressions that generated a conversion within 7 days are considered as windowed conversions.

Conversely, non-windowed contributions include clicks and impressions that occur outside of the defined attribution window, but within 30 days prior to the conversion event. For more information about attribution windows, please visit Normalizing Measurement of App Installs.

For information about the shorter attribution window that Attribution Analytics uses for impressions (as opposed to clicks and installs), please visit Multi-Touch Attribution with Impressions.

If you’re working with an advertising partner (publisher) or an integrated advertising partner, then you can enable view-through attribution so that Attribution Analytics can use impressions in the attribution process and provide analytics on your windowed view-through conversions.

NOTE: For the proper functioning of view-through attribution to occur, the advertising partner (for whom you enable view-through attribution) must already measure impressions with Attribution Analytics.

Enabling Impression Measurement for New Partners

Any time you enable a new partner integration in your account – specifically a partner that supports impression measurement – you’ll first see a notification asking whether or not you’d like to also enable impression measurement when enabling that particular partner.  To enable impression measurement:

  1. Login to Attribution Analytics.
  2. In the navigation (on the left side), under the Partners section, click Integrations.
  3. For the partner integration you want to enable, click Enable in the far-right column.
  4. In the Enable Partner dialog box, select either Yes/Enable or No/Disable, and then click Done.
    Enable View-Through


Enabling Impression Measurement for Already Enabled Partners

Only advertisers can enable view-through attribution if the integration does not have it enabled by default. You can enable view-through attribution by adjusting the Attribution Settings for each of your advertising partners individually:

  1. Login to Attribution Analytics.
  2. In the navigation (on the left side), under the Partners section, click Partners.
  3. On the Partners page, find/search for your partner and view them.
  4. On the partner page, near the top of the page, click Attribution Settings.
  5. On the attribution settings page, verify that the default setting for View-through Attribution is Disabled.
  6. To enable view-through attribution, click Enabled.
  7. After enabling View-through Attribution, you can adjust the Attribution Windows under the Impressions column.

The recommended settings for view-through attribution are:

  • 24 hours/1 day on the Identifier Attribution Window for impressions (view-through conversions).
  • 1 hour on the Fingerprint Attribution Window for impressions.

Enabling view-through attribution only applies to subsequent attributions; enabling this feature does not retroactively update historical attributions and data.

With view-through attribution enabled, you can then analyze click-through vs view-through conversions in reporting.

For information about the Impression Attribution View Percentage for measuring video impressions, please visit Measuring Impressions with Quartiles.

For more information about measuring impressions, please visit Understanding Impression Measurement.

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