Actuals Report Overview

The actuals report is your day-to-day resource for keeping up with campaign performance. In this report, you’ll find aggregated information on clicks, installs, events, and more.

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Getting There

To view the actuals report in Attribution Analytics, select Actuals from the main navigation. On the page that appears, you’ll see a performance graph and a table below it. Choose data you want to plot using the dropdown menus on the graph and the checkboxes in the table:

Tip: Select another metric from the dropdown menu at the top of the graph to plot it on a secondary axis.

Saving, Scheduling, & Exporting Reports

After configuring your report, it can look very different from the report defaults. In Attribution Analytics, you can save report settings, schedule recurring exports, and export directly to CSV. These are useful options if you want to:

  • Share the report with others in your organization using Attribution Analytics
  • View later in the My Reports section of Attribution Analytics
  • Receive a recurring comma-separated value (CSV) file export via email
  • Export your current report view to a CSV file for further processing

For step-by-step instructions, read our article on Saving, Scheduling & Exporting Your Reports.

Default View

By default, this report loads the following stats:

  • App: Name of app as listed in Attribution Analytics
  • Partner: Name of partner as listed in Attribution Analytics
  • Unique Clicks: Number of clicks, excluding duplicate clicks from the same user. For more information, read our Clicks versus Unique Clicks article.
  • Installs: Number of installs (both paid and organic), measured through first-time app opens.
  • Events: Number of post-install events
  • Revenue USD: Revenue from in-app events, calculated in United States Dollars (USD)

For a full list of fields you can find in this report, see our Report Field Reference.

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