Product Basics

Become comfortable with Attribution Analytics (AA) by learning the essentials: setting up campaigns and using our most robust reports.

Campaign Measurement

Who do you work with?
Enable partners you already know in your platform.
Setting up an Integrated Advertising Partner

Starting the attribution process
Prepare your partners to start measuring sessions, returning data, and forwarding users.
➢ Creating a TUNE Link

Letting users skip the app store
Make deep links in AA to route existing users directly into your app.
➢ Creating & Using Deep Link URLs

Returning data to your partners
Create and modify postbacks to notify your partners of conversion events.
Setting Up Postback URLs

Landing page variety
Set up destinations and choose where to redirect users on click.
Adding Additional Destination URLs


Overview of reporting in AA
Get a quick summary of each report and when you can expect to use it.
➢ The Basics of Attribution Analytics Reporting

Aggregated campaign performance
Stay up to date on overall performance across multiple publishers and apps.
➢ Actuals Report Overview

Detailed measurement data
Monitor incoming data at the level of individual clicks, installs, postbacks, and more.
➢ Logs Report Overview

Constructing URLs

TUNE link parameters
Pull in more click data for measurement, reconciliation, and optimization.
Effective TUNE Links

Postback macro reference tables
Automatically insert conversion data into your postbacks when they fire.
Macros in Postback URLs

Dynamic values in landing page URLs
Automatically insert click or impression data into your destination URLs before the redirect.
Macros in Destination URLs

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