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Want to do more with Attribution Analytics? Check out some of our most popular features below.


Overall engagement and retention
Compare user retention metrics based on device OS, country, and more.
➢ Retention Report Overview

Data aggregated by user actions
Calculate customer lifetime value and identify how certain user groups behave over time.
Cohort Report Overview

Variations in click-to-install time
Surface install activity suggesting click injection and click spamming fraud.
Analyzing Lag Time Between Click & Install

Combating Fraud

Summarizing fraud prevention
Understand the various methods we use to protect you from fraud.
➢ Fraud Prevention in Attribution Analytics

Automated traffic validation
Set up rules to address known sources of fraud ahead of time.
➢ Using Fraud Rules

People Management

Bringing in your agency relationships
Learn about agencies in AA and the basics of using them.
Working with Agencies in Attribution Analytics

Agency access to apps and partners
Modify which apps and partners you want your agencies to manage.
➢ Managing Your Agencies

Defining and building user segments
Save and export audience segments to export as CSV files.
Audience Segmentation in TUNE

Setting user permissions
Grant or deny a user access to parts of Attribution Analytics.
Defining User Roles, Permissions & Access

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