TUNE Pay Overview

What is TUNE Pay?  

TUNE Pay is our invoicing and payments platform that allows you to easily generate invoices and issue payments for payouts generated in TUNE.  

Through TUNE Pay you can do the following:  

  • Automatically generate invoices for your partners  
  • Manually adjust or create invoices for activity or payouts generated outside of TUNE that you would like to process through TUNE Pay
  • Allow TUNE to distribute partner payments on your behalf  
  • Allow TUNE to generate 1099s to your partners on your behalf  
  • Give partners the ability to update their tax/payment information directly  
  • Give partners the ability to see approved invoices and payment statuses directly  
  • Send email notifications to employees and partners  

Why is it helpful?  

TUNE Pay helps you decrease your administrative workload. Before, the process to invoice and pay partners would have involved:

  • Generate invoices manually for each partner  
  • Submit invoices to your Accounts Payable team
  • Have your Accounts Payable team issue individual payments to partners  
  • Individually generate 1099s for all your partners 

With TUNE Pay, you can offload these tedious monthly tasks. The new process would entail:

  • Simply review and approve invoices that are automatically generated or set your invoices to auto-approve  
  • Submit one invoice to your Accounts Payable team
  • The Accounts Payable team pays one lump sum to TUNE so only has to process one payment every month for the entire program  
  • TUNE will distribute individual partner payments on your behalf  
  • TUNE will generate 1099s for all your partners  

Without the administrative burden of invoicing and payments, you can focus your attention on the growth of your program!  

What is Self-Serve?  

If you prefer to remain responsible for distributing partner payments, an alternative version of TUNE Pay called Self-Serve is available. 

Some other differences are:  

  • Payment processors will need to be integrated with your TUNE account. We currently support Wise and PayPal integrations.  
  • Payments will need to be issued directly. This can easily be done through TUNE Pay with a click of a button!
  • Non-integrated payment methods are available to your partners such as Check, Payoneer, Webmoney, etc. 
  • TUNE will not generate 1099s for your partners.  
  • There’s more flexibility with billing frequency and net terms. You can also set partner-specific billing frequency and net terms.  

If you need more flexibility and can’t adhere to our default Payment timelines, or if you need to be able to offer PayPal as an integrated payment method, Self-Serve might be the better option for you.  

To learn more about the Self-Serve options, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to [email protected].