Terms & Conditions

In HasOffers, you can customize the terms and conditions that affiliates must agree to before signing up in your network. Go to Company > Customize Application > Content > Affiliate Terms and Conditions to edit the agreement between you and your affiliates. You can also customize terms and conditions for advertisers by selecting Advertiser Terms and Conditions instead.

Affiliates must agree to your terms and conditions before signing up, and they can later view this agreement in the Support tab of their interface.

Formatting Terms & Conditions

Use standard HTML tags to apply formatting to your terms and conditions. For security purposes, the embed, object, and script HTML tags are not displayed or rendered in the HasOffers application.

You may encounter formatting issues when pasting text from a Word document or other text editor into the text boxes on the Affiliate Terms and Conditions or Advertiser Terms and Conditions pages. For example, your pasted text may have unrepresentative formatting or additional special characters.

To avoid these issues, copy your terms and conditions into Notepad or another basic text editor before entering them in HasOffers.

Special Characters

Special characters must be replaced with HTML character codes. A full list of HTML character codes can be found here: http://www.tedmontgomery.com/tutorial/htmlchrc.html

Example: The code below has some text in its own paragraph with the text phrase wrapped in quotation marks and one apostrophe:

<p>1. &quot;Publisher&#39;s websites&quot;</p>

In a web browser, the above text renders to the following:

1. "Publisher's websites"

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