Product Update July 2017

Just in time for Postback, HasOffers has two new features! One helps networks analyze traffic flagged as suspicious by advertisers, and another combats report sluggishness.

Fraud Transparency with TUNE Marketing Console Advertisers

TUNE Marketing Console advertisers can send you details on traffic they flag as suspicious, based on fraud rules they put in place. Enterprise clients will find a new field in the Conversion Report and Event Tracer.

We recommend you use this information as part of ongoing conversations with your advertisers and publishers about traffic quality expectations and guidelines outlined in your agreements.

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New Affiliate Click ID & Affiliate Unique 1-5 Fields

HasOffers now provides six new fields you can use in your various links: Affiliate Click ID and Affiliate Unique Values 1–5. These new fields are meant to better optimize on unique values you may currently be using the Affiliate Sub ID and Source fields for. Just like with other parameters in HasOffers, you can pass values stored in these new parameters into your offer URLs and affiliate conversion links using macros.

Some benefits you’ll see when using the new parameters:

  • Improved aggregation and report performance in the Stats Report
  • More tracking link customization, with data reported closer to how you want it

The new fields are also visible in the Conversion Report and Event Tracer.

Note on Affiliate Sub ID & Source Parameters

Previously, you may have used the aff_sub or source parameters for unique click IDs, user hashes, or programmatic API values. As a best practice, we highly recommend using the aff_sub and source parameters only for non-unique data moving forward.

Migrating unique data out of those parameters can drastically improve report performance:

  • Use the aff_click_id parameter for unique click ID values
  • Use the aff_unique1, aff_unique2, aff_unique3, aff_unique4, and aff_unique5 parameters for other unique values (e.g. user hashes, programmatic API values)

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Next Steps

Contact your affiliates whenever you migrate unique values from aff_sub and source to the new affiliate click ID and affiliate unique value parameters in your existing tracking links.

As always, you can reach out to your account manager if you need help setting up links with the new fields or if you’re not sure which fields you should be using.

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