Product Update 9/13/17

New this week: a report breaking down offer capsa report showing you details on offer goals, and enhancements to default goal reporting.

Offer Caps Report

We know visibility on offer caps performance is key to your success. With the new Offer Caps Report, you can see offers under each specific offer cap type and offer traffic data.

  • See caps set for each offer and traffic currently driving towards them.
  • See offers that are near your budget spend, so you can proactively negotiate budget increase with advertisers.
  • Surface under-performing publishers faster, allowing networks to adjust budget allocation and maximize your spend.
  • Hover over entries in the report—like the Offer or Advertiser column—to see special icons taking you to related information.

See our support article for more info

Goals Report

The new Goals Report provides data on goal conversions beyond the initial default goal, enabling you to optimize campaigns and drive higher value to advertisers.

  • View performance on all goals for each offer in your network
  • Drill down to the affiliate level to find out which goals are performing well
  • See how users moving from default goals to other goals are performing on conversions
  • Use hover icons in the Advertiser or Offer column to view related information on other pages

See our support article for more info

Default Goal Enhancements

In our Stats Report and Conversion Report, you can now filter on specific offer default goals, and see the names of your default goals in your reports.

See our support article for more info

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