Payout & Revenue Tiers

Payout Tiers is a feature that lets you quickly setup and manage groups of affiliates and assign those groups a payout in the offer. This is a much faster approach than setting a custom payout for each affiliate across all offers, especially if multiple affiliates have the same payout for the offers. This feature is also ideal for networks that want to group affiliates based on their performance, ensuring top performing affiliates receive a higher payout per conversion than standard.

For example, a network might want to have four payout tiers:

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Standard

By default, an affiliate that is new and signs up will be placed in the standard payout tier, because they haven’t proven themselves yet. Lets say after a couple months of driving successful traffic they get bumped up to the ‘Silver’ tier, which has a better payout than Standard. This gives the affiliate more incentive to drive more traffic and continues to grow their earnings. Lets say that they later become one of your top performing affiliates, and you reward them by bumping them to the ‘Platinum’ group, which yields the highest payouts.

With the tiers setting, you can assign affiliates to a tier, and when it comes time to setting a payout for an offer, you can choose to enable tiers to be set, and then set a payout for each tier. This will then determine how much the affiliate will receive on conversion based on the tier they are assigned to and how much that tier gets paid in the offer.

Payout tiers are already enabled and ready to be configured in your HasOffers network. The first step is to create your payout tiers, then assign affiliates to each tier, then setting a payout for each tier in your offer.

Creating Payout Tiers

The first step to setting up payout tiers is creating the tiers themselves. Go to Affiliates > Payout Tiers and from there click ‘Create Payout Tier’. On the next page, give the tier a name, and a numerical value as to sort the tiers in ascending order on the payout tiers page. A value of ‘1’ will go to the top of the page. If you want to set the tier as the default payout, or when all affiliates that are unassigned to a tier, select Yes from the dropdown. Click ‘Create’ will add the tier to the list of active tiers.

Assigning Affiliates to Tiers

After all your tiers have been created, the next step is to assign affiliates to them. To do this, go to the affiliate profile, and in the Payout Tier section, click ‘Change’. Here you can select the desired tier from the dropdown menu and click Save.

You can quickly reassign affiliates to other tiers by clicking on ‘Reassign Affiliates’ in the row for the current tier. On the next page for the affiliate, select the new tier from the dropdown and click ‘Update’. This will move the affiliate to the new tier selected.

Setting a Payout & Revenue to Tiers in the Offer

Once the tiers have been created and affiliates have been assigned, then you can finally set the payout for each tier in the offer. Go to the offer page and click ‘Edit’ in the payout section. For either the revenue or payout section, you will see a set of radio buttons under the revenue/payout type. Select ‘Tiers’:

Once this is selected, you can see a field for each of the tiers in your system. Assign a value¬†for each tier, then click ‘Save’ at the bottom.

Once this has been saved, the affiliate will start receiving the payout from the tier they are assigned to in this offer instead of the default (unless of course they are not assigned to a tier or are set to the default tier.)

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