New Publisher Dashboard Mobile App

Recently, we launched our network dashboard mobile app and was well received. In order to provide similar pleasant experience for publishers, we have now updated our publisher dashboard mobile app. This is useful not only to publishers, but also to networks who work with advertisers using HasOffers. Just like the old app, users can add multiple accounts to the app to see aggregated stats and offer specific stats. In addition, we have made quite a few significant updates:

No more QR code

Adding a new account to the app is as simple as logging in online. Just enter the login URL, email address and password, and you’re all set!

Easy-to-read charts showing payout, conversions, and clicks

All charts are updated to cleanly and clearly display stats. Stats tables will allow you compare data side-by-side.

Improved navigation

Starting at the Dashboard page, you’ll be able to drill down to see stats breakdown by network, and even further down to the offer level.

Easy access icons

Added bottom navigation icons to allow users to jump from page to page quickly. No more 18 clicks to get back to the main page!


Download the app now on App Store or Google Play! Find out more on our support article!

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