Managing Network Employees

To manage employees in your HasOffers Network, go to Company > Manage Employees. Here, you can view and manage all network employee accounts that have been created.

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Create Employee

To add a new employee to your network, go to Company > Manage Employees and click the Add Employee button at the top. Enter the employee’s first name, last name, title, email address (used for logging in), and password. Then apply the desired permissions to the employee in the Permissions section. For more details on employee permissions, see Employee Permissions below.

If you are a network administrator, you can also give the employee access to the TUNE billing portal. There, they can view your network’s TUNE invoices and manage account payment information. To do so, set Company Billing Access to “Yes”.

Finally, click Save to activate the account in your network.

Employee Permissions


Allows employee to see and generate reports. If an employee has the Stats permission and global management, then the employee can see stats for all accounts. If an employee is just an affiliate or advertiser manager with the Stats permissions, then the employee can only see the stats from the accounts they are the manager of.


Allows employee access to advertiser and affiliate billing sections. Enables employee to create, edit, and delete invoices as well as manage payments.

Offer Management

Allows employee to add and edit offers. Without this permission, employees can only view offers. Without this permission they can’t create or edit offers.

Affiliate Management

Allows employee to manage affiliates. Employees can then add affiliates and edit affiliate accounts they manage. If the employee has the Stats permission too, then they can see stats for the accounts they are the manager of.

Conversion Management

Allows employee to adjust conversions by giving them access to the Adjust Conversions page as well as approve and reject conversions on the Conversion Report.

Global Management

Allows employee to have access to all accounts. This overrides affiliate and advertiser management permissions on an account basis.

Brand Management

Provides employee with access to Company > Customize Application and allows employees to update application settings. This permission also allows employees to view account-specific Network API information in Support > API.

Virtual User

Allows employee’s option to login virtually to affiliate and advertiser accounts.

File Management

Provides access to manage Creative Files. The employee can add, edit, and delete creative files with this permission. Without it, employees can only view Creative Files.

DNE Management

Provides access to manage Suppression Lists. An employee can add, edit and delete suppression lists.

Employee Management

Provides access to manage employees. The employee can add, edit, and delete employees.

Advertiser Management

Enables employees to manage advertisers. Employees can then add advertisers and edit the affiliate accounts they are the managers of. If the employee has the Stats permission too, then they can see stats for the accounts they are the manager of.

Data Audit

Enables employee to view the Data Audit Log page.

Stats Export

Allows employee to see and use the Export to CSV button on reports, as described in Using the Stats Report.


Allows employee to see and use performance automation tools. The “Automation” main menu item only appears for employees with this setting enabled.


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  • Nitin  •  May 8, 2016

    I am creating an Employee and not giving him global management permission but he is still able to see other employees affiliate when he is applying affiliate filter in report. Although he is not able to see the stats but he his able to see name of other affiliates in filter whom he is not account manager.

  • Giorgio  •  July 6, 2018

    Hi, I can't modify skype account in my emplowee edit page. Where can I find it? I can modify phone and mobile numbers, but no skype contact. Thanks.

    • Jonathan  •  July 10, 2018

      Hi Giorgio, there's no current location for you to enter Skype contact information for a network employee. However, if you're referring to affiliates or advertisers, you can capture that information using a sign-up question.