Launching Your Network

Now that you’ve made some decisions and prepared affiliates to join your network in HasOffers, continue to the third part of network setup:

Setting Advertisers Up

If you’re a network working with advertisers, it’s time to set them up. If you’re an advertiser yourself using HasOffers to work directly with affiliates, skip to Setting Offers Up below.

Directions for creating advertiser accounts is in our Adding & Managing Advertisers article.

For networks with existing advertisers accounts from another system, see our Importing Existing Data section below.

If you aren’t working with other advertisers, you can deactivate the advertiser features by going to the Advertisers Setting page and setting Advertiser System to “Disabled”.

Setting Offers Up

To create your first offer, we suggest going through our step-by-step walkthrough of creating an offer. Details on offer settings and elements can be found in our Offer Page Reference article.

Send Tracking Code to Advertisers

Once you’ve tested your offers (as described at the end of our Creating an Offer article), provide your advertiser with the pixel code or postback URLs associated with their offers. In that article, step 4 shows you where to find this info.

Adding Creative Files for Affiliates

You can attach creative files—such as images, text, videos—to your offers for affiliates to use. To do so, click on the Creative Files option from the Offers menu. Detailed instructions for this process are in our Creative Files Overview article.

You and your affiliates can generate tracking codes for a specific creative when viewing an offer with creatives attached.

Setting Affiliates Up

With offers in your system, you’re ready to create advertiser accounts. Directions for doing so are in our Creating an Affiliate article.

Importing Existing Data

If you already have advertisers, offers, and affiliates from another system, you can import them into your HasOffers network. Directions for uploading your data to HasOffers is located in our collection of articles on Importing Data.

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