Launching Your Network

Next, you can continue on to the second part of preparing your network:

Partner & Advertiser Content Settings

On the Customize Application page, you’ll also find a number of options for customizing the information your network displays or sends to partners and advertisers. These options are in the Content section:

Terms & Conditions

At a minimum, review the terms and conditions your partners and advertisers must agree to when signing up to your network. To do so, go to CompanyCustomize ApplicationContentPartner Terms and Conditions or Advertiser Terms and Conditions.

We provide you with boilerplate text and HTML, but you should revise your terms and conditions with legal counsel to genuinely represent how you operate and do business. You can use standard HTML formatting in your terms and conditions. For security purposes, the embed, object, and script HTML tags are not displayed or rendered in the TUNE application.

Sign Up Questions

Knowing some basic information about your business partners—your partners and advertisers—is crucial to working relationships. Take a few minutes to include some relevant sign-up questions. To do so, go to CompanyCustomize Application > ContentPartner Sign Up Questions or Advertiser Sign Up Questions.

This not only gives you an opportunity to learn a little from an initial interaction, but it also helps you stop obviously fraudulent accounts. For details and best practices, read our article on Sign Up Questions.

Other Content Settings

Taking an hour to review the other content settings before you launch your network could save you some headache and unexpected surprises. If you’re pressed for time, review these settings a week or two later. For details on each section, see our collection of Network Content articles.

Network Theme: Brand Your Network

Brand your network before partners and advertisers access it. The various settings for changing your network’s appearance are in the Admin / Advertiser / New Partner Interface Design section of the Customize Application page. Read our Branding Your Network article for directions on setting and changing your network’s theme and interface.

Partner Fraud

Protect your investment and business by getting ahead of partner fraud. Your settings for partner fraud are located in the Fraud Detection section of the Customize Application page.

Learn more about partner fraud settings with our Partner Profile Fraud and Partner Activity Fraud pages. You can also view partner fraud reports by going to the Report menu at the top of the page and clicking on the Partner Fraud option.

Read our Branding Your Network article for directions on setting and changing your network’s theme and interface.

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