Introducing the Offer Performance Report

The Offer Performance Report is a new dashboard available to enterprise clients that provides an easy-to-read visual representation of how your offers are performing. The report consists of basic offer information, summary total of stats for the offer, charts showing the offer’s revenue, payout, and profit, a chart showing top 5 publishers by revenue, and a Current Offer Caps section showing how close the offer is to reaching its cap.


Finding the Report

To access an Offer Performance Report, click on the new Offer Performance Report icon OPRIcon next to the offer name in the Manage Offers page or in the Metrics section on the Offer Details page.

Current Offer Caps

We're excited to introduce the Current Offer Caps section! Before now, there was no easy way to see caps info without running multiple reports. With Current Offer Caps, you can see what caps are set for an offer and how much of has been spent. We also give you an indication how quickly the cap is being spent relative to the timeframe set for the cap.


Projecting under capopr-caps-under
Projecting on par with capopr-caps-ontrack
Projecting to pass capopr-caps-passing
Cap breachedopr-caps-breached

This feature is automatically added to the network platform with no setting changes needed. To learn more about Offer Performance Report, please see our support article on this feature. Contact your HasOffers account manager for any questions or concerns.

The Look of Things to Come

We hope you like the sleek design of the Offer Performance Report. Over the coming months, you'll see more parts of HasOffers with the shaper, better user experience we at TUNE are committed to delivering.

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