Introducing Lifetime Budget Caps

Advertisers from varying industries have different performance marketing needs. To help networks better manage the requests of advertisers, HasOffers introduces lifetime budget caps, allowing networks to set budget caps on an offer with no time restrictions. Previously, networks could set a daily or monthly cap for an offer, which was great if the advertisers are more restrictive. However, if the advertiser assigns a budget to a network without a time restriction, Lifetime Budget Caps will allow the network to set the budget with no additional maintenance needed. Since it is not date-bounded, there is no need to update caps daily or monthly.

To set lifetime budget caps on an offer:

  • Go to offer caps area within the Settings section, and you see lifetime conversion, revenue, and payout fields.
  • You have the option to set lifetime caps along with daily and monthly caps.
  • Select lifetime caps and update it with the amount that meets your business objectives.
  • When the amount of lifetime caps is updated, the feature will check against the total stats of the offer, regardless of when the update is made.

For more info on this new feature, check out our support article on conversion and budget caps.

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