HasOffers Basics

Become comfortable with HasOffers by learning the essentials: how to create and manage offers, advertisers, and affiliates.

Offers & Targeting

Create an offer
Take it step by step, from entering offer details to offer testing.
Creating an Offer

Location-based offer delivery
Learn about geotargeting and how to set it up for your offers.

Custom targeting rules
Aim your offers with more precision by targeting browsers, devices, and more.
Advanced Targeting

Working on a budget?
Set offer caps to limit conversions, payouts, or revenues on any given offer.
Conversion & Budget Caps for Offers

Create tracking links for affiliates
Store additional information as parameters in the tracking links.
➢ Generating Tracking Links

Tracking link parameters
Use parameters to store values from an affiliate's tracking system.
➢ Customizing an Affiliate Tracking Link

Working with Advertisers

Add and manage advertisers
Create advertiser accounts in your system so they can be linked to offers.
Adding & Managing Advertisers

Connect advertisers to offers
Allow advertisers to create offers and add creatives in your system.
Advertisers & Offers

Maintaining Affiliates

Add affiliates
Prepare the information you need to create affiliates in your system.
Creating an Affiliate

View and update existing affiliates
See the settings and information available for your affiliates.
Managing Affiliates

Assign affiliates to groups
Specify group payouts based on targeting, session criteria, or other advanced rules.
Payout & Revenue Groups

Incentivize high performing affiliates
Customize payouts, set affiliate-specific caps, and redirect users when those caps are reached.
Affiliate Payouts & Caps

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