TUNE Account FAQ

This article is part of our FAQs & Troubleshooting series.

Where do I log in?

Log in at your unique network URL (NETWORKID.hasoffers.com).

Why can’t I log in, or why do I get logged out of a session?

If you get logged out during a session or are having trouble logging in, it may be due to enhanced security settings. Locking sessions to a specific IP address prevents your session from being hijacked by another person trying to log in to your account from a different computer.

You can disable this enhanced security feature by going to CompanyMy Account > Settings > Edit. Then, set Enforce Session IP to “No”. All users have this security setting set to “Yes” by default.

You can also change this setting specifically for network employees (Company > Manage Employees), partner users (Partners > Manage Users), or advertiser users (Advertisers > Manage Users).

Can I get a commission from my referrals by promoting TUNE?

Yes! In fact, we use TUNE for our own partner program. If you want to receive a commission for each person that signs up for our software program, you can apply on our partner sign-up page.

Why do I get an error when I try to change a user’s email address?

You may be using an invalid email address format or trying to use an existing email address. First, make sure you’re using the [email protected] format.

An email address in use by another user is also considered invalid. If you’re running into this issue, use a different email address for the new or updated account.

Why would I assign an advertiser to my offer?

By assigning an advertiser, you can aggregate offer stats in reports by advertiser ID or name. Plus, you can then use advertiser-related features like Advertiser Security Tokens and advertiser invoices.

How do I remove the advertiser menus from my platform?

You can hide the advertiser menus in your platform by going to Company > Customize Application > Advertiser Settings and setting Advertiser System to “Disabled”. You might do this if you’re a brand that only uses TUNE to run a partner program.

How do I change my domains?

First, you need to add a CNAME record in your domain registrar. After the DNS has propagated, go to Company > Customize ApplicationSettings > Domain to add your custom application domain. For supporting documentation, read our article on network-wide domain settings.

If you wish to use a custom tracking domain for secure links, you’ll need to purchase a dedicated IP pool and SSL certificate from us, which is an additional monthly fee. Contact your account manager or sales representative to learn more.

If I cancel my TUNE account, can I reopen it later?

Yes! To reactivate your account, just reach out to our sales team at [email protected]. As long as you reactivate within 90 days, your partners, advertisers, offers, and stats will be available to use after your account is active.