Using the geotargeting feature in HasOffers, you can set offers to only appear for users in certain countries, states, or even cities. Enjoy improved offer performance by routing traffic!

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How Geotargeting Works

For any offer set to target geographical regions, our external service provider determines the location of a user based on their IP address. Then, our ad tracking servers use that information to determine if the user is inside the target regions for the offer.

When Enforce Geotargeting is set to "Enabled" for an offer, only users in the target regions are served the offer. If the offer is in an offer group, users may be directed to another offer in the offer group instead:

Enforcing Disabled Enforcing Enabled
Not in Offer Group Users see the offer regardless of their location. Users in the target region see the offer.

Users outside the target region see a blank page.

In Offer Group Users see the offer unless another offer in the offer group targets the user’s location. Users in the target region see the offer.

Users outside the target region are redirected to another offer in the group that targets the region.

If no offer in the group targets the region, the user sees a blank page.

For example, you have an offer that targets the United Kingdom and the United States. If a visitor from Spain clicks on that offer, they're instead directed to a blank page.

Keep in mind that because the geotargeting feature uses IP-based geolocation, and is subject to the limitations of that process.

Working with Advanced Targeting

Geotargeting rules are always applied before advanced targeting rules, regardless of the Enforce Geotargeting setting.

If you set an offer to target geographical regions, then HasOffers follows the above table for offer groups and enforcement.

Adding & Modifying Geotargeting Settings

This geotargeting article includes targeting at the city level, which is available to enterprise accounts only. If you have a pro account, see our Geotargeting for Pro Accounts article.

To add or modify an offer's geotargeting settings, go to that offer's page, then click on the Edit button in the Targeting section. The first section covers the geotargeting settings.

In the box, type in the name of a country, region, or city you want the offer to target. As you start typing, the field will begin searching for matching locations. Click on the option you want, and repeat for as many countries, regions, and cities you want for this offer. For example, if you want an offer to target the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, you would enter those settings as so:


Or if you want to target four of the metropolitan cities in Texas:


Notice that "San Antonio" has many matches throughout the world, so we started typing ", Texas" afterward to get the entry we wanted.

You can remove an entry by clicking on the X inside it.

The Enforcing Option

To use geotargeting to completely prevent users from outside of a region access to an offer, you must have the Enforce setting enabled. See the above explanation of geotargeting.

By default, we enable the option for you, since nearly all networks who use geotargeting want the targeting rules to be strictly enforced. Disable this option in the rare instances where you don't want this.

On Overlapping Entries

If you try to put in two areas that overlap—a region or city within a country, or a city within a region—our system automatically updates your settings to use the last option you entered. For example, if you start with the United States, then add New York City afterward, we remove the US and keep New York.


The reverse also works: starting with New York then entering the US means New York is automatically removed.

Don't Forget to Save!

Scroll down past the Groups and Advanced Targeting sections to locate the Save button.

If you want to know more about those sections, see our support articles on them:

Testing Geotargeting

Network employees or affiliates who need to test an offer from outside the targeted regions can bypass geotargeting rules in two ways:

Cookie Bypass

Geotargeting is bypassed for employees of your HasOffers network who are logged in when they click on a tracking link. The employee goes directly to the default offer URL.

When an employee triggers a conversion on the offer, the conversion appears as "Employee Test" in the conversion report status message.

To see the effects of geotargeting on your location, load the tracking link in a web browser where you aren’t logged in to HasOffers. By doing so, you avoid having a network employee session cookie in your browser.

Tracking Link Test Mode

Tracking links marked for testing bypass geotargeting rules. To mark a tracking link for testing, add a source parameter with a value of "testoffer" to the tracking link. For example:


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  • This doesn't make any sense. You're taking into account the fact that every of your clients knows exactly all the cities of each country in the world.
    The waste of time to create offers now with metropolitan cities or states targeting will be simply ridiculous. Good for nothing.

    • Patrick  •  December 15, 2016

      Thank you for your comment! I've passed this on to our product team. You can also reach out to them directly to discuss your concerns by clicking on the message icon at the bottom-right of your network's screen.

    • Ralph  •  December 21, 2016

      You can target by country, region, or city name. Only the most targeted offers would only use city name.

  • Kevin  •  December 23, 2016

    We have offers that should work everywhere in the world except USA and Canada.
    It is ridiculous to enter every country in the world (except USA and Canada) in terms of effort. The previous setup you had for geo-targeting was light years ahead in terms of functionality.

    • Patrick  •  January 3, 2017

      Thank you for commenting! We're listening to the feedback we're receiving as we work to keep improving HasOffers.

      • We have pretty much the same problem - some of our offers are not to be accessed by specific countries (like USA). With the new targeting settings we simply can't do that.

        • we pretty much all have the same issue. just ask your account manager to move back to the old interface setup