Firehose Revamped

Firehose has been an additional service offered with HasOffers for some time. The original version utilized Amazon's Simple Queue Service (SQS) to send a stream of tracking and adjustment events, clicks and conversions, to third party code controlled by our clients. This allowed for batches of tracking events to be sent quite rapidly and consumed by a single process quite quickly.

Why was this important to clients? They wanted to stream data into their third-party business intelligence tools or utilize the data to build their own optimization systems that utilized HasOffers as their tracking backbone. This world was good. However, we were only solving for simple use cases, not more complex cases involving multiple processes consuming the same data stream.

What's New

Our new version retains the original functionality, the SQS sender, while also adding a sender for Amazon's Kinesis Streams and Kinesis Firehose. This will allow for more complex use cases through Kinesis Streams, while also greatly simplifying the setup of the most basic use cases through Kinesis Firehose.

Want to Know More?

Check out our Firehose documentation in the TUNE Dev Hub. That touches on the necessary steps to set up your SQS queue or Kinesis Stream to receive data from Firehose, in addition to discussing the information and the data formats sent by Firehose.

Getting Firehose

Please reach out to your sales representative for more information about Firehose, and to see how a stream of your statistical tracking data could benefit your business.

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