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While not ideal, you might run into the situation where you need to disable an affiliate tracking link. This may be necessary if an affiliate is causing fraudulent activity or if they’re being reported for spam and a tracking link needs to be disabled to be compliant with your HasOffers terms of service.

In the event that you need to take action against an affiliate, instead of blocking the account completely, you can disable an individual tracking link, leaving other tracking links to work normally.

Viewing Disabled Links

To see a list of disabled tracking links, go to Affiliates > Disabled Links. This page contains all links no longer enabled for your network:

If a disabled link no longer needs to be blocked, you can re-enable the link by clicking Delete. Although this may look like you’re deleting the link, you’re actually just deleting the block on the link, returning it to normal.

Disabling a Link

To disable a tracking link, click Add at the top right of the disabled links table. On the page that appears, select the offer and affiliate pair you wish to block. Then if the tracking link you want to disable has extra sub ID or source parameters, add those as well and set Exact Match to “Enabled”. Click Add once you’re finished.

A disabled link with “Exact Match” enabled blocks incoming traffic that contains the same fields as what you entered. When “Exact Match” is set to disabled, all traffic for this offer and affiliate pair is blocked instead.

Selecting from an Affiliate’s Existing Links

Instead of entering in the information corresponding to a specific link, you can also browse the list of tracking links used by an affiliate, and disable links from that list. At the bottom of the add disabled link page, you can do this in the “Disable Active Links by Account” section.

Select the affiliate whose link you want to disable from the dropdown and wait for the page to refresh. On the page that appears, the table contains all of that affiliate’s active tracking links for a set time frame. Check the box for each link you want to disable, then click Save to add them all to the list of disabled links.

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