Creating an Offer

Step 5: Test Your Offer

With the conversion pixel placed on your conversion page, you can test the offer to make sure it’s properly set up. Back on the conversion pixel page, find the Test Link at the bottom. This test tracking link works just like a normal tracking link, but flags the conversion as an “Employee Test” in your conversion report and assigns “testoffer” to the partner sub ID 1 and source parameters.

Tip: These parameter values aren’t required for testing, and simply being logged in to your TUNE account treats the click as a test link.

Go through the offer as a normal user would, and once you hit the conversion page you can check your conversion report by going to Reports > Conversion Report. Here, you can hopefully see your conversion:

If you see a conversion, congratulations! You successfully set up and tested your offer.

If you don’t, your search result may be cached, meaning your browser didn’t immediately refresh the search result even though you clicked refresh on it. To get a fresh search result, change one of the parameters, such as by checking the Partner box in the Data section of Options (or unchecking, if already checked). Then click the Run Report button.

If you still can’t see your conversion, contact our support team at [email protected].

A Note on Testing Server Postbacks

The method for testing server postbacks is not the same as for conversion pixels. See our Postback Tracking article for details.

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