Affiliate Referrals

Every affiliate network’s livelihood depends on its ability to attract and retain active and profitable affiliates. One of the best ways to obtain new affiliates to your network is having your affiliates refer others to the network, and to further incentivize the referral, the referring affiliate can earn an one-time, flat commission or an ongoing percentage of their referrals earnings.

Setting Up Affiliate Referrals

Enabling a referral program for your affiliates is a disabled option by default, so to activate the program, go to Company > Customize Application. Then, go to ‘Affiliates’ in the Settings section. This page will contain many settings for affiliate configuration, the setting you want to set to enabled is labeled ‘Affiliate Referrals’. When this happens, a section will appear at the bottom of the page where you can set the standard referral rate for affiliates:

You have two options when deciding how to pay affiliates: a one-time, flat amount, or a recurring commission each billing period based on the referred affiliates earnings. If you opt to go with the flat, one-time payout, select ‘Flat’ and enter the amount you want to pay for the referral (no currency symbols, just the currency amount.) When an affiliate signs up under another affiliate, this will credit the referring affiliate this flat amount after the signup is completed and the affiliate is approved. If you want to offer an ongoing commission for affiliates, then select the ‘Percentage’ option under the Rate Type. This will show the Base Field and Rate options. For the base field, select the value that you want to calculate your affiliates commission from. You can choose either Payout, Revenue, or Profit. Next, select the percentage amount that you want to pay. In the example above, we have opted to pay affiliates a recurring commission that is 10% of the payout we paid to their referring affiliates. For example, if a referred affiliate earns $1,500 in a billing period, the affiliate that referred them will receive a cut of $150 for that billing period as well.

Once these settings are in place, affiliates will then promote your affiliate signup page by grabbing their unique signup link located on their referral report. They can access this by going to Reports > Referral Report and the link will be located at the top of the page:

If you are using the old affiliate interface, then this link can be viewed at the bottom of the Snapshot page of the affiliate login. If you have opted to use a custom signup page, then this URL will be used in lieu of the default signup link, and the affiliate referral ID will be added for each affiliate.

Viewing Referrals

Once affiliates have started referring more affiliates to your program, you can view the list of who-referred-who in the Referrals list, viewable under Affiliates > Referral List. You will see a column of which affiliate referred which affiliate, and how much the earnings are over the timeframe set in the report:

You can also view the base amount the commission is based off of as a reference.

You can also view the list of referred affiliates for a specific affiliate by going to the affiliate profile, and on the right clicking “Referral List’ in the Referral Commission section.

Recalculating Commissions

The referral report will automatically recalculate commissions across your network every six hours. If you have conversions that are generating payouts for a referred affiliate, the commission for the referring affiliate will update regularly every six hours, so commissions will not be real-time like the stats will be.

Switching Referring Affiliate

If the situation arises that you need to reassign an affiliate’s referrer, you can quickly do this by going to the referred affiliate’s profile and click ‘Edit’ in the Account Information section. At the bottom of the page, you can see the ‘Referred By’ field. Select the new referring affiliate from this list and save. Commissions from this affiliate will be applied to the new referrer going forward. Previous commissions will still be credited to the previous referrer.

Setting Custom Commissions

By default you can set the referral commissions to apply for all affiliates, however this can also be overridden at the affiliate level if certain affiliates need a custom commission. This is applied to accounts that are referring other affiliates, meaning this rate is applied to the earnings that they referred.

With the custom commissions, you can specify if you want to offer a flat rate or a percentage of earnings on an ongoing basis. The same process applies to setting a custom payout at the affiliate level as for setting the default for all affiliates.


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  • Mike  •  November 26, 2016

    How do i get my affiliate referral link to show to affiliates on the home page (snapshot page) in the bottom of the dashboard section ?

    • Patrick  •  December 1, 2016

      Since that's different for each affiliate, there's no way currently to place that link on the Dashboard. They can see the link by going to Referral Report in the Reports menu. We will forward this on as a suggestion. Thanks!