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What’s the difference between an affiliate and a publisher?

In strict terms, a publisher is who presents the ad to the end user, whereas an affiliate may instead be working with others to do so. But as HasOffers is primarily a solution for networks, the terms “affiliate” and “publisher” are used interchangeably.

How do I add affiliates?

You can manually create affiliates in your system by going to Affiliates > Create Affiliate. Alternatively, affiliates can sign up through your public sign-up page (

How do I pay my affiliates?

HasOffers generates invoices for your affiliates, but you need to integrate with different payment providers like PayPal, Payoneer, or PayQuicker to actually pay out your affiliates. You can get more information on this topic in our Affiliate Payments article.

Can my affiliates manage their own affiliates?

No, your affiliates only have access to the HasOffers publisher interface by default. Although it allows them to interact with your network, they cannot manage their own affiliates (sub-affiliates) through the publisher interface.

How can affiliates reset their own passwords?

Affiliates can reset their own password after they’ve logged in to your network by going to My Account > Account Details > Change Password.

Can I change the affiliate ID for an existing affiliate?

No, affiliate ID’s are generated automatically and can’t be changed once they are created. HasOffers doesn’t use custom affiliate IDs to reduce database loads and run more efficiently.

Why does an affiliate stay blocked when I try to approve them in the access panel?

This is often because they are not approved at the advertiser level to run that offer. To approve this affiliate, you must go to the offer’s advertiser page and approve them there. Once this is done, you can then approve them in the offer.

Why is my approved affiliate listed on the Pending Affiliates page?

If affiliate account managers are enabled, active (auto-approved) affiliate accounts will still appear under Pending Affiliates. This is because these active accounts don’t have an account manager assigned to them yet. If they are not listed here then you will not be able to easily assign account managers to these affiliate accounts.

Why isn’t my affiliate’s referral commission showing up?

Affiliate commissions are processed on a daily basis using the stats from the day before. As a result, they will not appear until the next day. To preview them, go to Reports > Affiliate Commissions. If you don’t have this report available to you, then you don’t have affiliate referrals set up.

Can an advertiser also sign up as an affiliate?

No. The same email address cannot be used for both an advertiser and affiliate account. If a user wants both an advertiser and affiliate account, they need to create accounts using different email addresses.

If I delete an affiliate, are they deleted permanently?

You can set an affiliate’s status to “Deleted” to close their account and revoke their access to your network. You can still see all of their past activity from the Manage Affiliates page.

Within 24 hours of setting an affiliate to blocked or deleted, all users for that affiliate are set to deleted. You can still find these users from the Affiliates > Manage Users page. If you set that affiliate’s status back to “Active”, you must also restore those affiliate users manually, since you may wish to have different users active than were previously.

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