Affiliate Commission Report

If you use the Affiliate Referral program to incentivize your current affiliates to recruit other affiliates to your network, you use the affiliate commission report to measure how much affiliates are earning from each referral. At the end of the billing period, commissions are added to the referring affiliate’s invoice.

The affiliate commission report contains the following fields that can be displayed:

  • Referring Affiliate – The affiliate that earns commission from the referral. Referred another affiliate to the network
  • Referred Affiliate – The affiliate referred by another affiliate
  • Rate Type – Type of rate used to calculate commission. Either flat or percentage
  • Rate – Numerical rate used in conjunction with the rate type
  • Commission – The total commission for the referring affiliate for the set time period
  • Base Amount Used – The amount used to calculate the commission from. Example from above: Base Rate = $372.73 total payout for referred affiliate * 12% referral rate = $44.73 commission

You can also break the commission interval to a daily basis. If you want to filter the results, you can do so by the referring affiliate or referred affiliate.

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