Working with Attribution Analytics' Fraud Features

TUNE Attribution Analytics offers fraud analysis features to advertisers. Among those features is passing information to HasOffers networks about why a postback might be suspected as fraud.

What does this mean for HasOffers networks?

There’s a field in the conversion report and Event Tracer showing you the advertiser’s fraud code, called Fraud Reason Data. If you see data in this field, your Attribution Analytics advertiser is letting you know to look at the traffic closely at that publisher.

What does this data look like?

If the advertiser flags a postback as potentially fraudulent, this field shows a readable code followed by an alphanumeric value, such as “xyz123”. This corresponds to a fraud rule your advertiser has in place. To learn more about this from the advertiser’s perspective, see our Attribution Analytics article on fraud rules.

Here’s an example of what this could look like if you select “Fraud Reason Data” in the conversion report:

Investigating Further

You have a couple options for getting more details:

  • We encourage you to talk with your advertiser about any conversions flagged as potentially fraudulent, and examine other conversions that came from those publishers.
  • If you are a TUNE Integrated Partner, log into the TUNE Partner Center to get more details about that postback’s fraud code. We still recommend reaching out to your advertiser.

This is only for successful postbacks

It’s important to note this field only shows for successful conversions. Any conversions the advertiser fraud rules deem firmly as fraud won’t fire a postback to networks. We recommend talking with your advertiser if you appear to have a large volume of suspicious traffic.

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