Coming Soon: A Better Traffic Referrals Report!

For our high-volume clients, the Traffic Referrals Report hasn't been particularly useful. In some cases, it doesn't even load. And when it does load, the data it returns isn't grouped together in a useful way. That changes soon! On November 10th, the new Traffic Referrals Report launches.

This new report will draw solely on the cleaner, focused base URLs (which we're about to explain). You'll be able to take full advantage of the features described above to get better visibility of your traffic sources.

What's a "Base URL"?

Referrer URLs for your offers almost always long entries with a "?" mark in them, like:…

The part before the "?" is the base URL, like:

The stuff after the "?" (called the "query string") changes depending on the publisher feeding traffic to that offer, the creative beings used, and other parameters you require. Keep reading to learn why this change is great for you.

What's Changing?

The Traffic Referrals Report will return data aggregated by the URL before the query string. It shows how many clicks and conversions each base URL has delivered in that time period for each publisher, offer, and other data up to the past month as selected.


Now we can tell which sites are performing overall. That's data you can act on!

Clicking on the icon next to a URL (trr-eventtracer-icon) takes you to the Event Tracer report for that entry. For example, if we click on the URL for that first result, we see:


If you want to see each individual bit of activity, including the full tracking referrer URL, this is where you go.

Why this Change?

Two reasons: One, the old report didn't load for many clients because the report tried to return every individual URL instead of a genuine aggregate report, and failed because it was trying to process hundreds of thousands of data points for each request. Two, we want to give users direct information they can act on, and those who could load the report in the first place didn't find much use for what returned.

This change serves all HasOffers customers far better. We're excited to get this in your hands!

For many larger networks who have experienced errors in accessing the Traffic Referrals Report, we expect the resulting performance gains to improve the page response and once again allow you to see where your traffic is coming from.

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