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Using the HasOffers Billing Portal (Video)

You can use the HasOffers billing portal to view charges incurred by your network, previous invoices, upgrade options, and more. As an additional resource, you can also check out the HasOffers Billing FAQ for answers to common billing-related questions. [...]

Using the Goals Report (Video)

The goals report shows you downstream conversion rates and helps you identify publishers driving high-performing traffic to your offers. You can see offer conversions split out by goal, analyze offer goal conversion rates, and drill down to publisher-specific stats. [...]

Using the Stats Report (Video)

The stats report is a very robust tool that lets you quickly view the data that you want to see, from a more aggregate-level look network-wide, right down to sub ID specific data which can be used to track specific clicks. [...]

Postback Tracking with Transaction ID (Video)

Use postback tracking with transaction ID as the tracking protocol for an offer in HasOffers to attribute click information using the unique click ID generated by HasOffers. postback tracking is a form of server-based tracking which is the most advanced way to capture user behavior and conversion information. The browser communicates with the [...]

Postback Tracking with Publisher ID (Video)

Use postback tracking with publisher ID as the tracking protocol for an offer in HasOffers to attribute click information using the publisher's unique identifier. postback tracking is a form of server-based tracking which is the most advanced way to capture user behavior and conversion information. The browser communicates with the ad server, and [...]

Custom Tracking & Application Domains (Video)

Adding a custom tracking domain and application domain for your HasOffers platform is simple once you know the required information from the domain provider. Watch this video to learn what is required to track conversions through your own tracking domain, or how to use your own domain name for your HasOffers instance. [...]

Custom Email Domains (Video)

Set up a custom email domain in HasOffers to use the Mail Room feature which allows you to send email messages to employees, publishers, or advertisers directly from HasOffers. You can use any email provider you'd like provided the SMTP settings are available. Once you've set this up, check out our video on [...]

Mail Room (Video)

The Mail Room feature of HasOffers allows you to send email directly to publishers, advertisers, and employees from the HasOffers interface directly. Be sure to configure your email domain settings first, then use this convenient service to send new messages and review previously sent emails. [...]

Publisher Tracking Links & 3rd Party URLs (Video)

One of the trickiest parts of performance marketing is creating publisher tracking links, and including additional parameters requested from 3rd parties or other systems which collect user data. In this video, you'll learn how to set up a tracking link in HasOffers, and how to append the appropriate parameters requested by a publisher [...]

Create a Publisher (Video)

We've made some changes to our offer creation workflow! It's still simple to get the information from your advertisers into an offer for your publishers to run traffic to, but now, there are a few additional key benefits for you to maximize your profit! [embed]https://youtu.be/60pbydf6bmM[/embed] [...]

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Product Update 9/13/17

New this week: a report breaking down offer caps, a report showing you details on offer goals, and enhancements to default goal reporting. Offer Caps Report We know visibility on offer caps performance is key to your success. With the new Offer Caps Report, you can see offers under each specific offer cap type and offer traffic [...]

Product Update 8/16/17

New this week: our mobile app for networks got a major overhaul and we're rolling out a new, enhanced design for HasOffers. HasOffers Network Dashboard Mobile App Update The new HasOffers Network Dashboard mobile app is now open to both Pro and Enterprise clients to download on the Apple Store for iPhone and on the [...]

Product Update July 2017

Just in time for Postback, HasOffers has two new features! One helps networks analyze traffic flagged as suspicious by advertisers, and another combats report sluggishness. Fraud Transparency with TUNE Marketing Console Advertisers TUNE Marketing Console advertisers can send you details on traffic they flag as suspicious, based on fraud rules they put in place. Enterprise [...]

New Targeting Rules for Android Devices

This week we added two new default targeting rules: Android Tablet and Android Mobile! These will simplify the setup of Android targeted offers. These are available in the Devices section of the rules list when you go to add a new rule. To learn more, see our documentation on advanced targeting. [...]

A New Look for HasOffers

We're rolling out a brand-new theme for the HasOffers admin interface! The main goal of this theme is to update the look and feel of HasOffers for better alignment with the other products in the TUNE family, as well as to provide a better experience with newer features like our Offer Performance Report and [...]

Introducing City Targeting

We've heard that our enterprise clients want to be able to target their offers at specific cities, so we've built them a whole new geotargeting workflow. Not only are we adding city-level geolocation, we are allowing users to find and target specific countries, regions or cities in a single interface. Now you can [...]

New Publisher Dashboard Mobile App

Recently, we launched our network dashboard mobile app and was well received. In order to provide similar pleasant experience for publishers, we have now updated our publisher dashboard mobile app. This is useful not only to publishers, but also to networks who work with advertisers using HasOffers. Just like the old app, users [...]

Coming Soon: A Better Traffic Referrals Report!

For our high-volume clients, the Traffic Referrals Report hasn't been particularly useful. In some cases, it doesn't even load. And when it does load, the data it returns isn't grouped together in a useful way. That changes soon! On November 10th, the new Traffic Referrals Report launches. This new report will draw solely on [...]

Firehose Revamped

Firehose has been an additional service offered with HasOffers for some time. The original version utilized Amazon's Simple Queue Service (SQS) to send a stream of tracking and adjustment events, clicks and conversions, to third party code controlled by our clients. This allowed for batches of tracking events to be sent quite rapidly [...]

Introducing Lifetime Budget Caps

Advertisers from varying industries have different performance marketing needs. To help networks better manage the requests of advertisers, HasOffers introduces lifetime budget caps, allowing networks to set budget caps on an offer with no time restrictions. Previously, networks could set a daily or monthly cap for an offer, which was great if the [...]

Introducing the Offer Performance Report

The Offer Performance Report is a new dashboard available to enterprise clients that provides an easy-to-read visual representation of how your offers are performing. The report consists of basic offer information, summary total of stats for the offer, charts showing the offer’s revenue, payout, and profit, a chart showing top 5 publishers by [...]